Pork Roast. In A Bunker

Well. Where to begin? Things have calmed down a lot over here since the last update. We’ve settled down the tempo for now, but we are always on our toes. One of the only constants are the mortar attacks. Usually around once a day, the sirens will go off, and we all sprint to a bunker until the all clear sounds and we can go back to our normal lives. It’s not the scariest thing in the world, but it still makes your heart beat faster every time it goes off.

However, just like everything in life, I somehow manage to find the humor in it all. The second most memorable rocket attack so far (The first will always be my buddy coming out with nothing but a towel on.) has got to be the night I ate dinner in a bunker. I was on my way back from getting food, carrying a full plate of food. I was about halfway back to my room and there was no bunker in sight. Let’s just say that when the siren went off, I kinda shuffled to get to the bunker, but was always mindful of the food. I was not gonna lose my dinner over a rocket. So I got to the bunker, and decided to eat, not wanting my pot roast to get cold. It honestly made the time go by quicker. By the time the all clear sounded, I was full, and the plate was gone. Quite a memorable experience.

The next night was a bit better. I had just finished eating, and was enjoying some dessert when the alarm sounded. I got up and moved toward the door. As I turned back for the dessert, the anti-rocket device next to our building went off with a loud “brrrrrtttttt”. That meant that the rocket was really close. There was no turning back. I forgot about the dessert and ran to the bunker. Thankfully no one was hurt, so that was a plus. But still. Ice cream isnt the same when it has the same consistency of a milkshake. Just saying.

Morale is very good here. We have three constants to our days aside from the rockets. First is chow. Three very excellent meals a day, and it’s practically next door. Not a bad set up if you ask me. The next is the gym. Since we haven’t heard of any missions in the near future, we have more than enough time to work out at least twice a day. I like it, and have come to enjoy hitting the gym. The last constant is the bonding time we have. Lots of movie nights with the guys of my squad, or just sitting around and talking about whatever comes to mind.

The chow hall has already gotten their thanksgiving decorations up. It is hard to believe that I will not be stateside for thanksgiving or Christmas for the first time in my entire life. But while I will be apart from my family over these holidays, I have my brothers here to spend these times with, and they have become as close to me as my family has.

Peace to you all!
36Romeo out


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