What Is Wrong With This Place?!?

After a good night of sleep that left me very refreshed and mostly recharged, it was time to explore this strange new place I am to call home for the next few days or so until we continue on to our final destination. First item of business was breakfast. We (myself and Matt, one of my best friends in my platoon) walked to the dining facility and ordered breakfast. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, cocoa puffs, and orange juice. Just like I always have when I’m stateside. It was a relief to finally eat again, even though it had only been a few hours since my KFC binge.

Next thing on my mind was a shower and a shave. Feeling the warm water cascade over me was an amazing feeling. Slowly. Very slowly. This place is starting to feel normal. But normal may not be something I want this place to feel like. Maybe normal is what this place will become, and life stateside will be odd and unnatural. But those are questions for later on in this nine month journey abroad.

Next order of any trip after food and hygiene is supplies. Thankfully there was a base post exchange not far from where we are staying. the post exchange (henceforth referred to as the px) is basically a one stop shop that sells anything but food. I got the necessary items. Socks, Q-tips, power adapter, headphones. The essentials for life away from the usual
comforts of home. We stopped at the open air market after that.

The locals here are a wonderful people. Very friendly and always looking for business opportunites with the soldiers who filter through here. As we were looking through the little bazaar, a notebook seller caught my eye. Leather bound journals of wonderful craftsmanship were his specialty. I ended up buying one from him. A black notebook with a wonderfully intricately carved camel on the cover. It will probably end up being a more mundane and less filtered version of what I put on this site. I look forward to filling its pages with the memories I accrue here.

From what I’ve written so far, it would appear that this place isn’t that bad. Well I have yet to give you the weather conditions here. It truly is a kitty litter box. Sand everywhere, briefly broken up with patches of gravel and plastic walkways. It is surpisingly hot for November, and the sun is nearly blinding as it comes off the sand. But the worst is
the wind. Very windy, and the feeling is truly disgusting. The sand kicked up gets everywhere and makes you always feel dirty.

We keep busy. Sleeping, eating, reading, and exploring this wonderful new place. I only wish I could continue my language studies in spanish in peace here. They told us to have a goal for ourselves while we are here on deployment. For me it is learning a language in nine months. It’s an ambitious task for sure, but I know I am more than capable of completing the goal.

The dreaded jet lag hit hard today. I’m ashamed to say that I slept all afternoon and through dinner. But that’s what midnight chow is for, so I’m not going to bed hungry. But seriously, this whole sleep all day and night is getting rediculous. I just want to get back to a normal sleep schedule. The wind isn’t as hard at night, giving us a reprieve from
the harsh conditions of the day. But I’m signing off for now.

Peace to you all!


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