Well This Sure Ain’t Kansas

WELl. It’s been a long time traveling. I lost track of the hours after the first meal on the plane. Not gonna lie. Airplane food is highly underrated. However. I did enjoy the time on the plane. All like 15 hours of actual flight time.

We boarded the plane in Kentucky and began flying. As I settled in for the flight, I put a movie on and kept an eye on the tracker of the plane’s flight. Seeing us head north over New York and finally over the North Atlantic was a surreal feeling. When we hit Ireland and flew directly over it, the suspense grew in my mind. What was this new adventure going to look like? What kind of people would I meet?

We touched down in Germany and got off to stretch our legs. The first half of our journey was over. Next came the flight to the sandbox.

The one thing I like about flying is the turbulence. Crazy. I know. But the rise and fall of the plane reminds me of the waves and the times spent on lakes on a raft just floating along. When times were simpler. We landed down at the airport. As I looked out the window, all I saw was brown. Brown sky,  brown dirt, brown buildings. To be honest,  it looked uncannily close to tattooinne from the Star Wars series.

We got rooms, and settled in. Then came the time for food. Thank god for middle eastern Starbucks and KFC. Chicken was on point.

I am currently relaxing in a recreation building on the base. It’s 0130 in the morning, but the jet lag hasn’t set in yet. I saw a map on the wall here with pins put onto it to mark people’s hometowns. I proudly put one on lookout mountain. I’m already dreaming of going home.

Well. That’s all for tonight. I’m safe and in good company. Peace to you all.



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