So…we all know the proverbial Monday blues. But this Monday took the cake. After a long weekend of relaxing and taking it easy, I was ready to go to work. or so i thought. maintenance day. Only usual task for monday. Got the paperwork I needed and settled in for the long haul. Lunch time hit and I told the person in charge of me that I needed to pick up some paperwork for the truck and I might be a bit late from that. He said that it was fine and to take care of it.

And this is where my day goes to shitsburg. So I was driving along with the radio on in my big truck. Just minding my own business. And then I saw it…a jeep running a red about 200 feet in front of me. I hit the brakes as hard as I could and tried to turn out of the way but let’s be real here. A lifted, rhino lined ford F-150 isn’t build to stop very well. Thank god for seatbelts.The other driver was an older lady (probably late sixties, early seventies) who just must not have been paying attention. I felt so bad and went over to see if she was ok. She said she was, which was a huge relief for me. Long interviews with the police, EMT’S and firefighters went by surprisingly quickly.

Then came the sad part. She was in no shape to drive, so I watched as my poor baby was loaded on the back of the tow truck and hauled off to the automotive shop on post. I got a ride pack to work, and then settled in for the rest of the work day. I did end up getting the paperwork and cleared my belongings from the truck. It was en emotional goodbye. Looking at her mangled fender, the destroyed headlight, and the body damage not allowing the doors to open. I remember when I first got her, admiring her strong body, raw power, and her unique design.

The odds of being able to rebuild her are looking about 50/50. At this point I’m not sure if I want to with deployment so close. But I’ll keep my options open and figure out what’s best.

I’m ok. Happy this round of shitshow Monday unicorn games is over. Can’t wait for leave and then a nice long shit in a sand box…


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