I. Hate. Charter. Busses

Well. aftet that half bottle of NyQuil last night, I tried to get comfortable, but those seats are not at all conducive to long legged people like myself. so getting comfortable wasn’t going to happen. needless to say, i did manage a solid four or five hours buried underneath my woobie. waking up to see the familiar sights around post was a relief. We were finally home. We got off the bus, turned in our weapons, and then went to go get our bags.

Now, little thing I’ve noticed in the relatively short time I’ve been in the Army is that nothing is ever on time. If it is, it’s something short of a miracle. So. bags coming at 0930? Ha! I showed up at 10 and they didn’t get there until 11. Typical army scheduling.

It was time to unpack. first thing was getting the truck running again. Yea. I think my big baby was a little upset that I wasn’t around her giving her attention, cause she wouldn’t start. Jumped her to go get the bags, and nothing short of a new battery is gonna get her back up. Not happening any time soon. So I went back to my room. Food. Shower. Unpacked the tv out of my closet and turned on the netflix.

It does seem like I have a constant stream of adventure. And I do. But when I have time, there’s nothing I like to do more than just wrap up in my snuggie and chill out with a fat dip in.

It feels good to be in my own bed again. Sleeping on my own bed, underneath my warm blankets, and not having to worry about my feet dangling off the end of a broken down cot. That’s enough talk for tonight. Stay safe y’all.



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