Hey, Hey, Hey! Goodbye

Well I’ll make this one quick. I downed half a bottle of NyQuil and am expecting to pass out here soon.

Finally leaving this god forsaken hellhole. After waiting for busses for what seemed forever, we’re finally on our way back. I thankful for this NyQuil. Wouldn’t want another blog springing up because of a bus ride.

Cleaning, sleeping, followed my more sleeping and finishing up with  shitton of waiting. But we are here, and my gear is safely stowed below. Which brings me to a feat of packing like I have never done before. I packed everything I needed to bring back for my radios in the same box. Batteries, mics, antennas and the radios. All in one box. Last time it took the entire platoon for the most part to bring everything back.  I call it my Mona Lisa of packing jobs. It’s sexy, but oh boy is it a heavy cunt to drag around.

Holy fuck. NyQuil hits you all at once. Goddamn. I’m orbiting fucking Saturn right now. Well. That’s apparently all I’m gonna get down tonight.

Remember y’all. Just when you think you have it rough, there’s someone having a shittier day.

Carry on folks.


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