Days 2-3: Being Busy

Sorry about not being able to post on the daily. As is the case with most field problems, I get busy and cell phone reception usually happens in the portashitter. The fact of the matter is that I am the radio operator for this platoon (hence the signature of 36r with r for radio).

That being said I take care of the radios, batteries out the ass, and other administrative details. Kinda like the office intern. So my days consist of making whiteboards out of cardboard and laminating paper, charging batteries, programming radios, and steal…I mean…tactically acquiring hand sanitizer from the chow hall. (Yes. I did that. No. I won’t tell why)

Another part of my job is being ready at a moments notice. Because that’s what our mission is. Be ready to fight within five minutes of waking up. Last night we ran a test run…at 0215 in the fucking morning. We went to sleep in out uniforms. I slept with my boots on. Generally not recommended, but I knew it would save me time. Getting woken up in the middle of the night is bad enough. But when you get up and all you think is get your armor on, get that radio up, get the gloves on, helmet over top your headphones for the radio, grab your weapon and get out the door. Not the easiest thing to do. Especially when your half asleep. But that’s why we do tests like this. To prove that even half asleep we can still do it. (Disclaimer: I was walking like I was drunk when I first got up. I bet it looked hilarious)

We slept in a bit. Got up again and went to breakfast. I was mostly awake. Most people need coffee to wake up, I just need a good dip. It settles me and helps me focus. If I get that morning dip, I’m good. I won’t rip anybody’s head off. And believe me, there are a lot people who would push me to do that.

The radios keep me busy. They are my small little children who need a lot of attention. The have needs. Lots of needs. The biggest of them being the coding inside them that makes them operate the way I need them to. To get that right is a feat. Between syncing times between radios and them putting the right channels in, it takes some time. Time that is becoming increasingly shorter due to miscues happening at the higher echelons.

Sleeping in uniform again tonight. Who knows what’s going down tonight. But something will happen. That we can be sure of.

Signing off for now


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