Day 0

imageWell. Let’s start this show off with me saying that not being able to fall asleep on charter busses sucks. I have my woobie (A piece of equipment that we use more as a blanket more than what it’s supposed to be used for) wrapped over me and have had music playing the entire time to try and urge me to sleep. (Hopefully this writing helps.

Now what in the name of fuck am I doing on a goddamn charter bus at 0540 in the fucking morning? Good question. My unit has been selected for deployment to the Middle East later this year, and because of that, we must spend some time in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Needless to say, this is my third time training in this place in a year, and I am sick and tired of the place. We affectionately call it satan’s asshole.

Last time I was here was in May. The first mission I ran during that rotation gave rise to the title for this sight. We travelled 15 clicks and my ruck weighed 100 pounds (roughly). A click is a kilometer, so 15 clicks is around 9.3 miles. In the middle of the night. All night. Through woods, sand, swamps, and all sorts of unsavory terrain. Needless to say, that 36 hour mission in particular pushed me to the limit, and I have come out the stronger for it.

This time it will be different. There will not be a need for living out of a bag for five days and still being able to run the radios the entire time. This time I will have electricity, a cot, and plenty of work still.

Well. Think this has been enough mental exercise for the next 12 hours. Until next time. Bulldog36R signing off


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